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Lost cell phone
21 de feb de 2017, 11:28

Dear madam or sir,

I was yesterday in Machu Picchu with my husband and I lost my cell phone in the snack bar around 4.30, just before the closing time. It is a samsung galaxy S7 edge gold phone with a pink case (mask). We are in Cusco today and tried calling Belmont Sanctuary lodge, but there was no answer.

If by any chance you found my phone, I would be so happy if you could send it to my address in USA and I would pay you for the cost.

I tried emailing the Belmont Sanctuary Lodge as well as emailing the Snack bar, but had no luck.



Re: Lost cell phone
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21 de feb de 2017, 11:39

Good morning,

Thank you for contacting us.

However, I confirm you we cannot help you. We are a private travel agency, we don't manage the Machu Picchu archaeological site or the Snack facilities. You did not purchase the entrance tickets with us. You must contact the Snack through the Belmont Sanctuary lodge.

We are sorry we cannot be of help.

Best regards,

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